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Hello to all of my campaign friends and supporters: 

First let me apologize for being out of touch for a few weeks; it has been quite a hectic time. As you know, I’ve been on the political battleground over the last several months. Things came to a head at the end of last month when the NYS Republican Party held its nominating convention for statewide candidates. Though I attained sufficient delegate votes to enter the primary for NYS Attorney General, I decided against doing so. It was a difficult decision, but I resolved to look to the future, gleaning lessons from the present, drawing strength from your support.

I hope you will join me and my dedicated team as we unite together behind the GOP gubernatorial nominee Marc Molinaro, Attorney General nominee Keith Wofford and the entire NYS Republican Team!!

If you’re interested in staying informed about my political initiatives going forward, please forward your contact info, particularly your email address. I’d like to include you on periodic updates.

Finally, I want you to know how deeply I appreciate your support and please be assured that, though not this year, I’ll be back out on the campaign trail in the political future.

Thanks for everything, 



Experienced Professional and Leader


Joe Holland is NOT a politician. He is a business professional who chose a life of entrepreneurism, law and creating business opportunities for others in both the private and non-profit sector. From opening a Ben and Jerry’s in Harlem to inner city real estate development, Joe understands how to build partnerships to create success.


Joe Holland could have chosen an easy corporate career path but instead sought out the challenges of working in the communities that needed the most help and lead by example. From starting a homeless shelter to authoring motivational books where he guided troubled youth and worked with our correctional system to assist adults returning to society seeking a second chance to turn their lives around. As an ordained minister, he has lead a life of helping others for the betterment and improvement of their lives and their communities.


Joe learned the values in life from his mother and father throughout his entire life. As joe followed in his father’s footsteps and a Cornell
Academic All-American Football  player, he attributes his success on and off the field to the best of each of his parents. Joe is the proud dad to three children where he passes on the tradition of hard work, integrity and good moral character to help guide their lives for a positive path of helping others.


Andrew Cuomo wants to eliminate the wage tip credit from waiters and waitresses and force restaurants to pay them $15 an hour, this will cost them thousands of dollars in income a year as customers will not feel the need to tip, force restaurants to close and raise menu prices for all of us to pay. Danielle’s concern is real and this will destroy the restaurant industry and drastically hurt hard working people like Danielle.



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